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How Bill Belichick Became The Greatest Pigskin Mind Of Our Era

Bill Belichick’s Coaching Resume

The New England Patriots’ head coach, Bill Belichick, will go down as one of  if not the greatest sports coach of the modern era.

Sunday, he will try to lead the Patriots to a Super Bowl win over the Atlanta Falcons.

Fortunately, the Patriots have acquired stability at the head coaching position unlike many other NFL franchises.

Assistants such as offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels and defensive coordinator  Matt Patricia also have long tenures with the club.

That stability of leadership turned the Patriots into winners with a 4-2 Super Bowl record since Belichick took over.

Belichick has taken the required steps to achieve his overwhelming success. His no-nonsense mentality that is summed up by his ” do your job” catchphrase is the foundation for the highly regarded Patriot Way.

His road to the Hall of Fame did not start in New England. Pro Football Reference documents his coaching journey.

Over 31 years, Bill has taken on many different roles. In 1975  he was a special assistant for the Baltimore Colts. 

He continued to climb the ladder with the Detroit Lions assisting special teams  tight ends and wide receivers.

His career went to the next level when he joined the staff of the New York Giants.

From 1979-84 he oversaw special teams and linebackers. In 1985 he began to flex his prowess as a defensive coordinator.

He held that position until the end of the 1990 season. Under his guidance, that defense smothered opponents. In his first year as DC the Giants ranked fifth in points handed to opposing offenses.

They followed that up by ranking second in the same category during his sophomore stint and with a 39-20 Super Bowl victory over the Denver Broncos.

During his final run with the G-Men, Belichick’s top-ranked defense helped the Giants beat the Buffalo Bills in a 20-19 nail-biter.

Somewhere in the midst of it all, lies a cruel joke regarding Belichick’s initial taste of glory coming from the team that would also be his greatest source of pain.

Before the highest of highs, Belichick put a mediocre product on the field as the head coach of the Cleveland Browns. 

Over his five seasons, the Browns managed one playoff victory during it’s sole winning campaign.

The Patriots welcomed him as an assistant coach under mentor Bill Parcels who helped groom Belichick in New York.

After a Super Bowl loss to the Green Bay Packers and a brief stint with the New York Jets, fate was ready for its spotlight.

The Dynasty Begins

Belichick’s first impression as the head coach of the New England Patriots was disastrous.

Their 5-11 record did nothing to quell the doubters that felt that this administration would crash and burn as it did in Cleveland.

The doubters ate crow as the Patriots have not looked back since. Since the ugly first year, the Patriots have never had a losing season. They have multiple Super Bowl titles and appearances and Belichick (underhanded tricks and all)  has cemented himself as one of if not the greatest football mind of the modern era.

The Patriots have won with a without top-shelf talent. The Patriots have won after cutting out key play-makers that wanted a lot of money. The Patriots have won during unsettling circumstances such as multiple injuries and the gory events surrounding rouge tight end Aaron Hernandez. 

At the head of that ship has been Bill Belichick. On Sunday, he will fight for yet another championship.

Looking back at his career, its something that he’s used to at this time of the year.

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