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Michael Vick Waves Goodbye

Mike Vick Retires from the NFL

Friday Michael Vick called it a career.

The 36-year-old Vick was once the most electrifying playes on the planet. Sadly, Vick did not acquire a snap this season due to teams’ lack of interest. ESPN quotes Vick’s statement of his tough decision.

“In this moment right now, I’m willing to say yeah, I’m officially retired,” Vick said. “I think it’s time. I think going through the 2016 season without playing and be able to be a spectator and watch the game and enjoy it from afar and root for a lot of players and coaches I once played for, I think kind of summed it all up for me.” Vick continues, “So now I think I’m officially ready, I’m ready to move on to different things in my life and different facets of my life.”

Vick has endured a multitude of problems during his career. Amazingly. his resiliency kept him afloat in his time.

The superstar started out his play for the Atlanta Falcons. Drafted first overall in 2001, the Falcons got a stud from Virginia that would cement a legacy that no man can erase. The quarterback spent six seasons in Atlanta where he displayed remarkable skills. The freakish scrambler would shake his defenders’ ankles for huge gains. A new breed of quarterback was taking over with a cannon on his left arm, .

The 2004 season was big when he graced the cover of the Madden NFL video game. In addition, he would go on to the NFC Championship game but only to lose. Vick bought them to two playoff appearances while under center.

Hardships hit Vick when he served a 21-month federal prison sentence for dog fighting. The controversial situation left the Falcons no choice but to part ways with him after drafting Matt Ryan in 2008.

Ryan will lead the Falcons in the Super Bowl Sunday against the New England Patriots.

Vick bounced back after all the slander he took form the media as he signed with the Philadelphia Eagles in 2009.

The Eagles already having Donovan McNabb on the roster made this a questionable move.

He would get a few sporadic starts until 2010 as he mesmerized the NFL playing as a pocket passer. He would go to Pro Bowl as the AP Comeback Player of the Year.

Concussions brought his career to a decline as he left Philly after 2013. He would spend the next two seasons with the New York Jets and Pittsburgh Steelers as a backup.

He ended his career with 22,464 passing yards with 133 touchdowns in the air. Vick would combine that with 33 TDs with 6,109 yards rushing. He sits as NFL’s all-time leading rusher for quarterbacks.

The four-time Pro Bowler was part of a spectacular half-time show in the Falcons last regular season home game. The fans of Atlanta praised him and shown how much his legacy stands.

Having come full circle, Vick as he stated in this open letter on Players Tribune, is ready to hang it all up.

Watch: The Bleacher Report Documentary Vick

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