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Rick Ross Offers Details On New LP

It has been a long 365 days for hip-hop super star Rick Ross. His new album Rather You Than Me is due soon and  he has already released a single called “I Think She Like Me” featuring Ty Dolla $ign.  The lush banger samples The StylisticsPeople Make The World Go Round”.

From his first hit “Hustling” all the way to his new track produced by C Gutta and J Pilot, Ross has showcased that he will always be a boss. On “I Think She Like Me” continues his trend of bragging about his wealth.

Out in Cannes with Leonardo DiCaprio
While out on bond, pray I go to trial rapido
8 felonies, tellin’ me wanna give me life
Every nut I bust really, I gotta do it twice
Ricky Ronaldo, really when I’m in Portugal
I pull a yacht out, this weekend, I’m fuckin’ so and so
Cameras flash, paparazzi layin’ in the grass
Tom Brady my new neighbor, you can tell ’em that

Fans should know what to expect from Ross.  His clean, dapper, high end, lavish life style remains the same as seen in his music. However, he has made a few changes in his career venturing out deeper into the business world. He has successfully employed over 40 people by owning nine Wing Stop locations.

The Miami native but his wallet behind his “buy back the block” mantra by purchasing a Checkers franchise in his Carol City backyard.

He is making his mark as he remains committed to building his empire and giving others a leg up.

Ross built up the momentum and channeled all his energy into his music.

After leaving Def Jam this will be his first album dropping with Sony/BMG‘s  Epic label. Attached to his new album is a letter to his fans and supporters on his accomplishments.

He also took to Twitter to discuss his admiration for his friend and peer Jay-Z.

As his career matures, Rick Ross is evolving beyond the boundaries of being just another rapper from the street that could spit. He is flexing his financial muscle to open up opportunities for others and looping those ideas back around into his aural output.

Like a diamond, the Boss has no other choice but to shine.

Watch: ” I Think She Like Me Ft. Ty Dolla $ign

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  1. Felicia M Ballet

    February 8, 2017 at 5:39 am

    I still love Rick Ross’s voice!!!

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