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5 Bedroom Songs for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and couples all over the world will have the spotlight. This is the holiday for couples to celebrate romance, leaving their relationship drama at the front door to be picked up on another date.

People everywhere are scrambling to lock down reservations and pick out gifts. Single people may start to feel a little insecure since not having a date on Valentine’s Day is almost like not having a seat at the table on Thanksgiving or a stocking for Christmas. Fortunately, single people are just one sidewalk introduction or internet profile away from finding their true love. Until that happens, step aside singles because the focus is on those dynamic duos; or trios and foursomes, no one is here to judge.

Spending Valentine’s Day night in the company of a loved one is an honor in itself. The right atmosphere and good food are essentials in the romance department. When a man and a woman (or whatever combination of homo sapiens) gaze into each other’s eyes and attempt to feed one another, it’s clear where the night is heading.

Realistically, not everyone desires to partake in the gift of Valentine’s Day sex, or birthday sex, or “I just ate a sandwich, and I’m ready to go” sex. Some people are just trying to follow the Lord’s word and wait until marriage to give it up, while the rest of the world is busting it wide open in sin. However, what’s the point of wining and dining without the promise of a happy ending? No matter what extracurricular activities a couple decides to engage in towards the end of the night, there’s no doubt that sweet music will be playing in the background.

Music is an essential part of the Valentine’s Day experience, it follows couples from the restaurant to the car, and into the bedroom. Many babies have been conceived to slow jams in the back seat of a Toyota Camry or a hotel room filled with rose petals and candles. The power of music lies in its ability to influence ideas, feelings, and movements. It even controls the rhythm of the bedroom; there is a huge difference between going down on Khia’s “My Neck My Back” and making love to R. Kelly’s “You Remind Me Of Something.” Unless you’re really freaky and want to make the bed move to Kilo Ali’s “Freak How You Want It”.

Here are five songs that are guaranteed to set the mood in the bedroom and get the blood rushing to all the right place:

#5 Silk “Meeting In My Bedroom”

This is the perfect way to start off a journey to the bedroom. Imagine taking your lover by the hand and leading them into the room, blindfolded or not. Sit them on the bed, give a little touch and tease action, almost like foreplay before the foreplay. Don’t be shy, it’s time to perform, and there’s only one person watching; so make sure to give them some extra attention.

There’s nothing aggressive about “Meeting In My Bedroom,” it’s a slow and steady song that invokes excitement and anticipation. An excellent introduction for what’s to come, with an amazing build up. Once the play button is hit, no one can help but feel relaxed and sensual. Lovers can give each other lap dances or whip out some toys. Don’t forget the whipped cream, chocolate sauce, and strawberries. The vibe of the song emphasizes that there’s no rush, so enjoy every moment of this experience.

#4 Trey Songz “Neighbors Know My Name”

Very appropriate for this list, most of Trey Songz music is meant to be played in the bedroom. There are only a handful of songs in his catalog that doesn’t relate to sexual intercourse. During this song, Trey gives some great ideas on the type of actions that should be happening. Scratching, screaming, legs shaking, all great signs that everything is going according to plan; though he forgot about licking and biting.

There’s a certain amount of confidence that goes into lovemaking, and Trey brings that out in his music. “Neighbors Know My Name” is for those who aren’t afraid to break the bed and then continue on the floor. They’re the same people who have no problem yelling various curse words or sex-related phrases at the top of their lungs. The song brings out the primal behaviors that people work so hard keep to under control. Unfortunately, raw passion supersedes any trained mannerisms allowing the possibility of anything. Couples might even get influenced to try having sex upside down or hanging from the ceiling.

#3. Chris Brown Take You Down

Chris Brown was barely over the age of 18 when he released this song, but somehow he already knew how to record a great sex song. This song was actually his first sexually explicit hit. It’s like he’s channeling a young R. Kelly; please hold the golden shower jokes for another time. Time to take her down and Chris is here to help make that happen.

“Take You Down” is neither an introduction or a climax song, it’s just one stop on the trip. The song may have a steady tempo, but it compliments all bedroom movements, from the slow strokes to those quick thrusts. It’s compatible with all positions. Please don’t hold back, Chris is going all out in this one so listeners should follow suit. This is more of a song for first-timers or one night stands, but couples can roleplay. Don’t pretend like an officer’s uniform or that sexy schoolgirl outfit aren’t hanging up in the back of the closet.

#2. Floetry “Say Yes”

“Say Yes” is a certified staple in any radio station’s “Quiet Storm” mix. For those who aren’t well acquainted with the “Quiet Storm,” it’s a combination of slow R&B songs that are usually played on urban radio stations late at night.

Remember the days love making took place on a mattress was on the floor of a studio apartment with incense burning on the window-sill. Weren’t those the days when all there was sex in the morning and a dead-end job at night to pay the rent?

The imagery that this song conjures is purely consistent of love. No different than saving the last piece of chicken for the other person or rubbing someone’s feet at the end of the day. “Say Yes” is not a “bump and grind” song but it is sensual. It’s they type of song that encourages stimulation through touch. Probably best suited for the beginning of a lovemaking session and then couples can switch the music after oral.

#1. Musiq Soulchild “Love”

The name says it all, this is the anthem for love and relationships. It encompasses everything that people go through when they’re dating or are married. It’s like Musiq decided that he wanted to rip his heart out of his chest and place it on paper in the form of words; then he sang the hell out of those words. Anyone who doesn’t feel anything when they hear this song clearly doesn’t know what love is.

The best part about “Love” is that it gives a roadmap to sexual intercourse; simply follow the rhythm of the song. Musiq starts slow, then he picks up the pace and goes through a few subtle changes. He people on a ride full of excitement, completely devoid of suspense. When Musiq hits that impressive high note towards the end, someone somewhere should be climaxing.

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