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TiZ Offers First Single Before EP

Rapper TiZ came out swinging with his single “How it Goes” featuring M. Rose. The song has only been out for about a month, but it has steadily gained traction ever since it’s release. TiZ, a North Carolina native, has managed to build a strong following in Charlotte and New York City; which is extremely impressive since most MCs have a hard time getting buzz in their hometowns. He has gained recognition from and MTVU, his songs have gotten play on prominent radio stations, and he was the opener for Mac Miller’s tour. Can’t be mad at a kid that’s out here grinding and making things happen for himself.

“How It Goes” is supposed to be an imperfect love story that addresses the uncertainty of relationships and the places they take people. Right from the beginning, TiZ makes a smart choice in the way that he positions the intro of the song. Instead of a long-drawn-out introduction with sounds and vocals, the song starts off with ten seconds of music and then jumps straight into the bars.

Usually, a big reveal before the main course is applauded, because it prepares the listener for the artist’s journey. TiZ demonstrated that nothing was missed by cutting the intro short and all the action was in the verses. His style of cutting to the chase is greatly appreciated.

TiZ is an excellent rapper and it is quite clear that he is very careful about his word choices. Maybe he is getting more credit than he deserves but when analyzing the lyrics it seems that he’s very strategic in the way that he arranges his verses; similar to the way a composer arranges music.

It’s all even and on the same level with the right amount of metaphors, and there are no low points during his raps. All of the lyrics get the same amount of shine, you can’t pinpoint a difference in terms of one verse being better than the others. This might not have been done on purpose but it’s a very interesting thing to notice.

Even though the lyrics are good it was disappointing to realize that no extraordinary measures were taken. This means that there were no intricate metaphors or examples of explicit imagery. There’s an understanding in music that it is very difficult for rappers to create great love songs because they have to compete with R&B singers who can put way more emotion into a song through different vocal techniques.

Reaching a similar level of emotion requires a rapper to rely on their ability to create amazing imagery, almost like painting pictures with their words; making the listener almost play a movie in their head to the song. TiZ lyrics didn’t reach the level of imagery and emotion needed to officially stamp this as a love song. Again, it’s like he chose to do this on purpose and opted not to take risks. However, what’s the point of performing if an artist isn’t willing to walk across the tightrope for their fans?

Moving right along, the chorus was sung beautifully by M. Rose, unfortunately, her services were not needed. Honestly, the chorus was a little too long and served as just a separator between verses. It would have been more satisfying to hear TiZ do the chorus himself. He’s smart enough to figure how to write a chorus that can make his vocals fit in that space. Also, doing the chorus himself would have made the song sound more organic.

Besides those minor issues that could have had a major impact, the song is great. It sounds like a song created by an intelligent and experienced rapper. Some things may have been over-thought, but overall no mistakes were made and it was sonically appealing. High expectations might’ve been placed on TiZ, but if the bar isn’t set high people can’t accurately measure themselves and their progress. He’s already doing better than most of his peers so, hopefully, he’ll let loose a little more.

” How It Goes” is from  TiZ’s upcoming EP, Leap Of Faith.

Stream: Tiz  “How It Goes”On Spotify


  1. REEtune

    March 1, 2017 at 4:30 am

    Great……write up…that is about as detailed and to the point as you can get. Very impressed. Also like what I heard from the artist “TIZ”. Keep it comming

  2. REEtune

    March 1, 2017 at 4:37 am

    Great Article!!! That is about as thorough as it gets for a music review. We have been following Tiz for a while and it’s great to see how his music is spreading to different markets. Keep it going…..He also has a record called “LACED” that we are steady playing on our site.

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