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Watch: Papoose Drops Video For “Back On My Bullshit”

New York rapper Papoose  has revealed the music video for his single “Back on My Bullshit”. He released the song at the end of December, and it features Fat Joe and up-and-coming rapper Jaquae.

The video can only be described as New York City realness. There are shots on the corner of a block, a bridge, and in an underpass. Even though luxury cars are sprinkled everywhere, the obvious display of wealth didn’t water down the rawness of the video or the song. Papoose is in your face and making sure that everyone knows that he’s still one of the illest rappers alive.

The energy of the is very hype, despite the harsh NYC winter; it might as well have been shot in the summertime. Papoose’s wife, rapper Remy Ma,  makes a cameo in the video. It’s nice to see a woman supporting her man, especially after he supported her through six years in prison and a miscarriage.

He even took on the role as her manager, making Remy’s transition from an inmate to a Grammy nominated artist seem effortless. The couple let the camera’s into their lives on Love & Hip Hop: New York and become the most popular cast members; they’re applauded for their positive portrayal of black love.

As for the song itself, Papoose starts it off with guns blazing and spitting hot fire. He’s always been known as an amazing lyricist, and clearly, nothing has changed. He hasn’t let his new role as a reality television star replace his status as a serious rapper. Papoose pops off some crazy bars with an incredible amount of energy. He’s confident and a little cocky, but what NYC rapper isn’t?

Fat Joe doesn’t disappoint either, it was a good move for Pap to get his wife’s partner-in-crime on the song. It’s almost like they’ve been rapping together for years. Their flows compliment each other perfectly and Joe doesn’t have to pull any punches to let Papoose shine. To top it all off, Jaquae makes the song explode with his part on the chorus.

Papoose isn’t scared to let everyone know that he thinks that he’s one of the best rappers in history. It’s good to know he’s making sure that his work backs up his words.

“Back On My Bullshit” will appear on Papoose’s upcoming project Hoodie Season 3.

Watch: Papoose “Back On My Bullshit”

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