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Listen: The Chainsmokers Bail Out Coldplay on Collaboration

The concept of soft-shoe soccer-mom pop merchants Coldplay and The Chainsmokers getting together reeks of head-shaking apathy.

In reality, their collaboration “Something Just Like This” is neither as bland nor as torturous as might be expected.

Granted, there is nothing remotely dangerous about the song.  In execution, grand chord choices and a backbeat that serves as the movement’s heartbeat holds it all together.

Lyrically, the whole shebang is really, really old. Vocalist Chris Martin somehow sounds like a elder from The Hobbit as he growls through portions of the verses but to his credit the manages to perk up for the hook.

It’s hard for old-school Coldplay fans to accept the truth that the Parachutes-era is long dead and gone.

That Chris Martin would have found a twisted irony with this tag-team affair. So much so, that he would have elevated it to even higher ground.

Instead, the 2017 Chris Martin gets bailed out largely by a strong musical contribution from the producers who hit the right groove.

Lifted from the upcoming Chainsmokers album Memories… Do Not Open which is due on April 7, this one is a custom-fit for the soundtrack of a romantic comedy coming to a theater near you.

Listen: The Chainsmokers & Coldplay “Something Just Like This”

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