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Dallas Mavericks Trade Andrew Bogut to 76ers For Nerlens Noel

The NBA trade deadline was due to bring some surprises. Mark Cuban and his Dallas Mavericks brought the most heat.

According to ESPN, Dallas has traded center Andrew Bogut to the Philadelphia 76ers for forward Nerlens Noel.

Justin Anderson and a conditional first-round pick are also a part of the package that Dallas s sending to the 76ers.

Bogut is not pleased with the situation and is reportedly on the cusp of asking for buyout if the 76ers can’t find another home for him.

The time is not now to stargaze over Bogut’s name and previous accolades.

He has had a stellar 12-yearcareer but this year has been abysmal for him.

Bogut has looked like a shell of his former self and if he continues to play he will most likely assume a bench role.

The Mavericks floor general Dirk Nowitski has nothing but praise for Noel after playing alongside Bogut.

“He’s an athletic big, he’s young and he’s got a lot of potential,” Nowitzki said today about Noel. “He’s a rim protector. He’s long and he can finish around the rim. That’s what I guess they were looking for. … A guy that can roll and really sucks the defense in helps all of us, not only myself. That’s what our offense is, the big guy needs to roll and be a presence at the rim on both ends. If he’s healthy, he can do that.”

The move is a good one for Dallas as they jettison a bad situation and gain the talents of a promising rising star.

As a restricted free agent, Dallas will have the ability offer him the biggest bag of cash during the off-season bidding war.

They will also be the only team that has had the opportunity to test drive Noel to see if he’s the perfect fit that they think that he is.

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