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Video: Russell Westbrook Humiliates DeMarcus Cousins

Oklahoma City Thunder wunderkind Russell Westbrook contributed to the woes of New Orleans Pelicans big man DeMarcus Cousins with his signature “who me?’ grin that he flashed after he humiliated Boogie.

Westbrook had already racked up yet another triple-double and as his team held on to a one-point advantage ,he drove through the paint with two points on the scoreboard and forced many to question where Cousins left his pride after a sincerely vicious slam set up by a screen from Steven Adams.

The impressive 41 points is great and all, but the fact that Westbrook backed Boogie down proves that maybe the Sacramento Kings knew something about his heart before they traded them.

After the game, Westbrook told the assembled press that he is calling his own shots right now.

“I think throughout the game, I try to find ways to pick my spots,” Westbrook said. “Tonight was the fourth quarter. Some nights it may be early, some nights it may be late. I just play. The game will tell you what to do. If something is working, I keep doing it.”

“I just stay in attack mode,” Westbrook said. “I did a terrible job of taking care of the basketball. But I stayed in attack mode and tried to help us win.”

Westbrook contributed 11 rebounds, 11 assists and nine turnovers to earn his 29th triple-double of the season. It was also his seventh career 40-point triple double, which tied Wilt Chamberlain for second most in NBA history.

Check out the carnage in the video below. Something tells us that Boogie will have an answer for this, the next time that these two face off.

If not, a case will be made about him potentially being scared of Westbrook and we know that that is not that the case.

Watch: Russell Westrook Posterizes DeMarcus Cousins

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