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Review: James Bond #1 Slays For Dynamite

James Bond #1

Publisher: Dynamite Entertainment

Author: Benjamin Percy

Art: Rapha Lobosco

Color: Chris O’Halloran and Simon Bowland

Story Rating: 9

Art Rating: 8

Color Rating: 9

Overall Rating: 8.6

 Honesty has to win the day here and in through these eyes, the various attempts at bringing James Bond off the non-illustrated pages or off the screen and into this word has always fallen flat.

Thankfully, Dynamite got the right team together to kickoff what should really be a good run.

The bulk of the story takes place in the French Alps and infuses a variety of sub-plots into a story that is still pretty fun.

The assassins, the gadgetry and the charisma are all here and it makes one feel just like a kid again.

James Bond #1 understands that this whole thing is about escapism and therefore things don’t get too heavy.

When dealing with mortals that are simply equipped with cool shit, some of the deeper points that immortal characters are given the freedom to make would feel overbearing here.

Instead, we get what we paid for which is a well-designed mission, a formidable opponent and a lot of candy to look at.

As a fan of distinct lines, it would have been nice to a bit more detail within some of the panels.

That however is a style thing as the work here is very, very good.

Can’t wait for the next adventure.


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