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Toby Kebbell Abandons Dr. Doom

When and if the next Fantastic Four makes its way to the big screen, there is already one change that is for certain.

Actor Toby Kebbell will not be playing Dr. Doom.  For all of his brains, brawn and overall treachery, 20 Century Fox found a way to make a mockery of one of Marvel’s greatest villains in the series’ latest cinematic flop.

Director Josh Trank attempted to make the film darker but the end result was a disaster that only raked in $56 million domestically at the box office.

Still, there is word that a sequel could be over the horizon and that is why Kebbell is saying no sir to future involvement in the project.

“I won’t be in it!”  Kebbell told HeyUGuys. “Truth is, Doom is an incredible bad guy. They just keep trying to force him into the Fantastic Four. They just need to move it out because he smashes up Thor and Iron Man and they get wasted. Doom is a monster, but my Doom was not, so that is that.”

Kebbell did state that if Marvel can get involved and share the icon with Fox much like they do with Spiderman then he would be interested.

“Yeah, if they lend him out like a footballer,” said Kebbell. “They do with Spider-Man!”

What Marvel would do right is give Doom a proper look and reinvent him as the devious brainiac that he was always meant to be.

Doom has also been the nemesis of many of the characters in the current MCU so he has the flexibility of a Swiss Army Knife.

But it won’t happen.  Too many stories have already be planned, too much money would have to change hand and if we are to believe the reports, too many heroes are about to die to make such a move worth it.

So Doom is stuck with Fox but Kebbell is not.

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