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Video: February 2017’s Fiercest NBA Dunks

NBA fans, we are going to keep this simple. Who doesn’t LOVE a good dunk? Even Emma Bunton who is a member of the English girl-group the Spice Girls (i.e. Baby Spice) was quoted regarding her love for the phrase “slam dunk.’

“I’m not a big sports fan, but I love it when they “slam dunk,” Bunton said. “That’s sexy.”

Take from that what you want to.

The month of February maybe our shortest month, but it was long on big plays at the rim.

In particular, LA Clippers star Blake Griffin had a particularly sensational dunk over Golden State Warriors forward Kavon Looney. Griffin actually snatched the man’s soul from him as pushed his head down on his way to the bucket on February 2.

Check out all 9-minutes of the best hammers below and prepare for what March has to offer as the NBA playoffs draw near.

Watch: NBA Fiercest Dunks February 2017

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