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Review: Logan Goes Above and Beyond

Logan finally came out in theaters this weekend and the film definitely did not disappoint. This film is the tenth installment in the X-Men film series. It’s also the third film that focuses on the Wolverine and Hugh Jackman‘s final performance as the character. For those who have yet to see the movie here’s a quick warning: Don’t read this if you don’t like spoilers, nothing will be held back.

The trailers were really good at keeping all of the surprises that the film throws under wraps. There was a lot of fighting and the movie practically starts off with killing. Viewers get all of the action that they expect from a Wolverine film and then some. The action scenes don’t always go the way that you think they will, since Logan is now an old man whose healing powers are slower; he also has a serious drinking problem.

The film’s explanation behind Logan’s old age and the degeneration of his powers isn’t thoroughly explained. It’s hinted that the adamantium metal that’s covering his bones is somehow poisoning him. Apparently, it’s affecting him to the point that he cannot heal as fast as he usually does, and obviously, his regenerative powers aren’t slowing down his aging anymore.  In the action scenes, Logan is seen super strong at one moment and then so weak that he can’t even stand up. He’s still able to hold his own throughout most of the film, but luckily he doesn’t have to fight all of his battles alone.

Charles Xavier is also a part of the film, unfortunately, he’s not able to do much. It’s funny how Charles is known as one of the most powerful mutants alive, but in almost every film that he’s featured in his powers or influence become handicapped in various ways. This one is no different, Charles is old as dirt and has developed a degenerative brain disease; combined with his powers he’s a ticking time bomb. He suffers from seizures that negatively impact his powers, more specifically his ability to control people and make everyone within close proximity freeze. When his seizures start people are put into a state of temporary stasis similar to being paralyzed; the range that his powers have is massive.

Somehow, Logan and anyone with Logan’s abilities is able to withstand Charles’ “telepathic seizures”. There’s no specific explanation since he’s never shown any immunity towards telepathic powers. The only way to stop the seizures is to inject Charles with seizure medication, and Logan’s immunity makes him the only man who can do the job. Logan makes Charles take medication to prevent the seizures but like any patient Charles sometimes chooses to go off his meds.

The biggest little star of the film is Laura, a little girl who was born from Logan’s DNA. Her bones have been coated in adamantium like Logan, but she has claws in feet as well as her hands. Laura was created in a laboratory in Mexico along with a group of other artificial mutant children. They’ve all escaped seeking refuge in a place called Eden. By the way, nobody knows if Eden actually exists since the only knowledge of its existence was found in an X-Men comic book.

The whole movie is basically the journey to get Laura to Eden. They’re running from laboratory guys, while trying to keep Charles alive. Besides that, there’s a lot of violence, a boat load of cursing, some drinking, and a little Spanish. Action lovers and X-Men fans should go see this film without a doubt.

If you have not seen the film, check out the trailer below and then get your butt to the theatres to watch it:

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