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Listen: Charli XCX Debuts Three Bangers on BBC Radio

Edgy-pop tempstress Charli XCX has a new mixtape coming out on Friday, March 10.

Selections from the tape titled Number 1 Angel, were debuted on Mista Jam’s BBC Radio 1 show.

The interview which features the songs “Pull Up” featuring  MØ  (3:50), “Dreamer” featuring  Raye and Starrah (9:19) and “Lipgloss” featuring CupcakKe (16:22).

All three songs are strong entries and as Mista Jam states are good enough to be runaway smashes for many acts on their commercial releases.

Speaking of commercial releases, she is currently wrapping up work on her next proper album which she told Rolling Stone is a party album that was done with the PC Collective.

“Sophie [a.k.a. Samuel Long] is pretty involved. There are some classic Sophie moments, and we reach the dip-into-the-club-at–4 a.m. kind of zone, but the thing about him is that he’s also an incredible pop producer,” XCX stated.

“So there’s him doing pop really well on the album. And A.G. Cook is my creative director now. I was just like “Hey, do you want to be my creative director?” He was like “Yeah, cool.” We talk every day about, like, nail-polish color or whatever like two gal pals. It’s pretty great.

XCX discussed how she came into the fold.

“In the first place, I was just a fan, XCX stated. “My ex-boyfriend put me onto Sophie. I was always a fan of Hannah Diamond’s photography, and we collaborated. I can’t remember how we met, but maybe it was just, like, over Twitter. But really initially what attracted me to them is just how they really see pop music in such a futuristic way. I mean I really feel like they are kind of ahead of their time both sonically and visually.

They understand the music industry really well and it’s really interesting to go back and forth with them on the way that pop music is unfolding. I trust them. So, yeah, I don’t know. … I know not everybody loves it, not everybody gets it, but I think that’s a good thing about music. I would rather it create divided opinion than everyone be just unaffected by it.”

With a lot of her own music and singles written with and for other artists on the way, Charli XCX will continue to upgrade her status in 2017.

Listen: Charli XCX Number 1 Angel

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