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Still More Tony Romo Questions Than Answers

It is almost certain that Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo won’t be wearing the star on his helmet going into the 2017-18 run.

The are a few questions that hang in the balance regarding his future. Where will he go? How will he get there? And of course, what if anything will the team that owner Jerry Jones built get in return for his exit?

In February, per the Fort Worth Telegram, Jones took the radio to state that the had no idea how this was going to play out.

“It’s no secret that I just think so much of him as a person and think so much of him as a player,” Jones told  the Ben & Skin Show on 105.3 The Fan. “The team we have, especially the offensive side of the ball, was built for Tony. So this is what it is. It’s a juncture that we have to address.

“I don’t know how ultimately we will resolve this. Nobody should be alarmed because you don’t have all the answers. There are some issues here that you just got to see how the cards are played. But we’ll work through this.

“We have a sound enough foundation together that on an individual basis we’ll get through this.”

More recently, rumors began to float that troubled superstar Jonny Manziel could reboot his career in Dallas when and if Romo hits the open road.

“Enough has been said,” Jones told the Dallas News. “I certainly admire the same things all of the A&M fans have admired about him, but I recognize just as everybody does, including him, his challenges. So that’s about all I can say. We are aware of him. He is a talented guy.”

Jerry Jones operates in a very circus-like fashion and yet he is holding his cards close to the vest.

While he is not avoiding the media, he is certainly not even providing a best case scenario for his club.

The NFL’s free agency feeding frenzy starts on Thursday and many answers could result from that.

After all, Romo is the marquee name of the quarterback class and injuries and all is certainly a preferable option than say…Mike Glennon who left a lot of money on the table in Tampa to test the theory that he has what it takes to be a starter.

Regardless of what happens look for Jones and the Cowboys to handle this in the most controversial fashion possible as they don’t know how to do anything else.

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