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Chanel Presents Space Age Elegance

Paris Fashion Week- The crowning jewel of Paris fashion week is always Chanel. Karl Lagerfeld is known for his over the top set designs for Chanel’s runway shows, but this season was unlike anything anyone has ever seen.

For the Fall/Winter 2017 collection, the Grand Palais was turned into “Ground Control” for the Chanel rocket ship themed fashion show. The winding runway looped around a signature black and white rocket ship with the brand’s name in bold white lettering across the top. The models emerged onto the extravagant runway through an enormous white igloo.

The theme of the show seemed to be 1960’s chic, with models wearing wool headbands embellished with pearls and crystals, with their hair slightly teased at the crown.  Signature two-piece tweed suits were updated with sequined details and paired with glittering cap-toed knee-high boots.

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As the collection progressed, the clothes became more modern with iridescent green metallic trenches, suits, and skirts (below).

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Many of the pieces featured wide, structured; high necklines edged in chrome that resembled where an astronaut’s helmet would attach. Accessories were enhanced as well; there were beautiful woolen and tweed handbags that were worn around the models’ necks which doubled as hand muffs, metallic and beaded fingerless gloves, and iridescent orb handbags.

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As you would expect the front row of the show was lined with a myriad of celebrities and fashion elite including; Anna Wintour, Pharell Williams, Cara Delevingne, Caroline De Maigret, Sofia Coppola, Rita Ora, and Amanda Stenberg.

In the end, the clothing wasn’t the most extraordinary thing at this fashion show. In true grand finale fashion, models walked the runway again, but this time they climbed the elevated platform surrounding the Chanel rocket. In the act of pure showmanship, Karl came down the runway with child model Hudson Kroenig, and they hit the launch button together. In an astounding final show of extravagance, the rocket began to smoke, sparks flew, and the brackets that were holding it in place detached from the rocket, and it moved towards the ceiling as though it was lifting off. Indeed a phenomenal show of engineering and art by the team at Chanel, the experience was met with thunderous applause.


Designer Karl Lagerfeld, and young model Hudson Kroenig

To view the amazing fashion show, click on the video below. To shop the spring Chanel collection visit

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