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Houston Texans Ship Brock Osweiler Off To Cleveland

The Houston Texans saw more than enough of Brock Osweiler to deem him the largest liability in pro football.

According to the Associated Press,  his time in Houston is up.

Once the hottest backup in town as a Denver Bronco, Houston signed him to a huge deal leading into the 2016-17 season that was worth $72 million.

And once he got paid, Osweiler wet the bed. During most games he appeared to be lost, out-of-sync with his teammates and unconfident.

In short, as a Houston Texan, he was everything you did not want in a signal caller.

So the Texans got desperate and just before the start of the league year, traded him and a second round pick to the Cleveland Browns just to cut bait with them.

As we speak, rumors are flying that this is a cap-clearing maneuver in a bid to import soon-to-be-ex Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo.

The reality is that regardless of the reasoning, Osweiler had to go and he is now the Browns problem which is somehow fitting.

I’m sorry Browns fans. They keep doing it to you and I don’t know why. Hold your head up and pray for better days. That’s all you can do at this moment.

Never is the NFL Free Agency feeding frenzy wilder than on the first day of the league year.

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