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Review: Bat Family Gets Busy In Detective Comics 952

Title: Detective Comics #952

Publisher: DC Comics

Author: James Tynion IV

Art: Christian Duce, Fernando Blanco, Alex Sinclair, John Rauch, & Allen Passalaqua

Story Rating: 10

Art Rating: 9

Color Rating: 9

Overall Rating: 9.3

There is always something special about Detective Comics. It’s the origin series for Batman and it’s usually home to his strongest storylines.

As DC embraces its new era, it has managed to keep this title going in the right direction.

The new Bat Family is up against a classic foe in The League of Shadows and the fight comes to a head in this issue.

The League of Shadows has historically been done either really right or really wrong. Here, Tynion uses a lot of tension to show just how mighty their reach is and how it has secretly imposed it’s will upon every part of Gotham City.

Clayface and Shiva are in the forefront of the evil that is being unleashed but there is more to this issue than who is doing what to whom.

It’s sensational how Cassandra is being developed and how her past holds a lot of consequences for all that surrounds her.

Her slice of this pie is giant and it provides a nice contrast from what we have come to expect.

From an action perspective, the fights play out well and with meaning. There is not a single wasted interaction here as you hang on to punch, kick and swipe of the ninja’s sword as if it means something.

Artistically, what is seen and what is read bounces off of each other very well. Its worth noting that while the lines are very crisp and sharp, there still remains a lot of depth of color.

Too many times, we see books that use thin lines defuse rich color. That is not what is going on here.

This could be the case for a perfect issue of a perfect book. Detective Comics 952 comes very close.

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