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Review: Frank Ocean Lights Up Chanel

Adventurous soul icon Frank Ocean is bold in every move that he makes. On his latest piece, ” Chanel” he works through a variety of double entendres to showcase both his fashion and lifestyle choices.

Said lifestyle is not just the obvious low-hanging fruit but other moments which are much more interesting political and financial statements that remind us all that Ocean is more than just the sum of the revelations that he has made.

Swimming laps through pool water
Heated like I’m underworld
Hide my tattoos in Shibuya
Police think I’m of the underworld
12 treat a ni**a like he 12
How you looking up to me and talking down?
Can’t you see I am the big man? (Big man)
God level I am the I am (whoa)

Straight shots from the heart are not always what they seem to be. There is a lot to sort through here and song meanings are often misconstrued and broken down incorrectly.

To be honest, while most of what is here seems to be direct, there is still a lot of pathways to work through that can lyrically turn this thing into a completely different song.

References to Dipset icon Cameron intertwine with the rest of this pop culture summit leaving this jig-saw puzzle feeling like something special.

That is why Frank Ocean is a genius that runs on his own spirit.

Musically ” Chanel” paces itself over a slightly-slower-than-midtempo soundscape that allows his vocal to job or sprint at his discretion.

This is a collision of art, blues, hedonism and social reflection all in one space. Its beyond worth the time spent.

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