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Dave Chappelle: Trump Kind Of Bad For Comedy

Comedian Dave Chappelle seems to have settled into the world of fame quite nicely. With two Netflix specials debuting this month on the 21st, the former leader of Comedy Central’s Chappelle Show, is popping up with more regularity these days.

Whether it be at impromptu rap concerts, Saturday Night Live or at something as simple as his city council meeting, it doesn’t appear that he’s shying away from the spotlight anymore.

In the video interview below with the CBC, he stated that he’s even grown to hesitantly like the attention that he seemingly used to shy away from.

“I enjoy celebrity but it’s not something that I completely trust. You get big enough, they blow you up like a balloon animal, they just twist you into whatever shape they think you fit. So I like to just stay out of the fray and focus on the things about my work that I really enjoy.”

Chappelle also discussed the black cloud that Donald Trump may be casting over the world of comedy.

Chappelle stated that the current resident of the White House is “kind of bad for comedy.”

He went on to explain why. “Most comics in the states are starting to do the same jokes, just because Trump is so on everybody’s mind,” he said. “So it’ll be nice when we don’t have to talk about him that much.”

It will be nice but in the meantime, he continues to tour and do his thing.

Watch: Dave Chappelle CBC Interview

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