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Q&A: 311 Discusses The Vibe Of 12th LP Mosaic

Alternative rock’s 311 are influenced by many different styles which include alternative, reggae, metal, hip hop and pop.

So it makes sense that their 12th LP is called Mosaic. Due this summer on BMG, the album is available for pre-order here.

311 is prepping for a major tour that includes multiple dates in several cities. Those dates are available here.

Other acts on the tour include New Politics & The Skints and on festival dates acts such as rappers Action Bronson and G-Eazy.

Their latest single “Too Much To Think” is featured on Salute’s New Music Playlist that will be featured in the sidebar on the right through 3-15-17.

Guitarist/vocalist Nick Hexum, drummer Chad Sexton and bassist P-Nut recently discussed the album’s vibe in a Q&A obtained by Salute.

Q: Why is the album titled Mosaic?

NH: “We wanted a title that pointed to our collective nature. Something that referred to the eclectic style of our music and the bond between the band members and our fans-and this title really captures that.”

CS: “We wanted to include our fans in the concept of this record. We have a very symbiotic relationship with our fans that see us year after year.  We wanted to find a word or phrase that would describe our fan base, our band and our music and to tie it all into a concept that could be presented in the album artwork as well.  Where we landed was perfect….Mosaic.

As one definition states:  “a combination of diverse elements forming a more or less coherent whole.” We feel this word can accurately describe our band, music and our fan base together. For us, it’s still a celebration.

For the simple fact that if people have different sets of ideas and opinions, likes and dislikes, and are able to get along and come together over the one bond they share (music) – there is no satisfaction like the joy experienced when this happens. It’s a celebration over the triumph of our differences and it’s the main concept we’ve been presenting throughout our entire 27 year journey-UNITY.”

Q: How would you describe the album’s overall sound?

NH: “A menagerie of styles created by five friends and our extended musical family at our best!  Innovation, fun, chops, and heart.”

P-NUT: “Fresh, Hard and Satisfying… Future-rock at our best… We’ll always be forward-thinking and flipping the script on ourselves.”

NH: “The key word for this set of tunes is innovation.  We went in some new directions, which will surprise people.  Music is a never-ending journey.  I’m always proud of how diverse the styles are that we include in our music.

Mosaic is our most adventurous collection yet. Some of our highest energy jams ever.  Funky grooves, dub riddims, party anthems, heartfelt sincerity, it’s all in there. I think the dynamics are the newest feature.  Having builds inspired by very modern music raises the intensity to new heights.”

Watch: 311 Lyric Video “Too Much To Think”

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