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Donald Trump Returns Fire At Snoop Dogg

The current person that inhabits the White House Donald Trump actually took the time to engage rapper Snoop Dogg on Twitter.

Snoop recently dropped a controversial video for the song “Lavender” that features him pointing a gun and shooting at Trump.

Instead of rising above it all and actually being…presidential, Trump responded to Snoop with a snarky comment.


If this was a single instance of one tweet it wouldn’t be that serious.

But seeing that Trump spends a lot of his time fighting his battles on social media, its beyond time to question whether it was wise to elect an internet troll into such a position.

There are other issues that he should be dealing with but he simply can’t resist returning fire even in the slightest of slights.

Seeing that his office is cutting funding for the National Endowment of the Arts, it’s not surprising that he can’t understand the concepts behind free speech and artistic expression.

President Obama was not perfect but one thing that he and previous presidents did not do was constantly engage private citizens in playground spats.

The notion that he would have jailed a musical artist is not just silly, it’s laughable.

Let us hope that the current resident at the White House can be more assertive with foreign leaders.

In the meantime, ABC has a very strong show regarding the Oval Office. It’s highly recommended for those that need their presidential fix.

Watch: Snoop Dogg “Lavender”


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