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Weezer Kicks Back With Danceable Feels Like Summer

Weezer/Feels Like Summer/Warner

Frontman Rivers Cuomo has earned the right to take his band wherever he wants to go.

Whether he is dipping his tones in the sounds of morose alt-rock, screaming out stadium-sizes choruses or experimenting with electronic sounds, he is always pushing the needle forward.

That brings us to their latest single “Feels Like Summer” which is the lead song from their forthcoming album.

Its semi-synth pop at its finest.  One thing it’s not is simple as it takes advantage of its ambition to make being different work within a pop song.

Its doubtful that Cuomo had the perspective to do something like this back in the 90’s.  Youth’s power lies with the sounds of anger, naiveté, depression or the type of hope that only reality can crush.

Weezer ran all of those bases and now, songs like “Feels Like Summer” will probably become more commonplace as it seems to sum things up while jumping ahead.

Check it out and erase all expectations of what a Weezer song should or should not sound like. But don’t forget to clap your hands and dance.

Watch: Weezer Feels Like Summer

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