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Review: Drake Shines On More Life

Drake/More Life/OVO

The most anticipated album of 2017 thus far sees every phase of Drake’s career to a head.  The “playlist” starts off aggressively with the verbal chopper “Free Smoke” that takes not-so-subliminal shots at his peers.

By the time two tracks rattle off, we are presented with “Passion Fruit.”  The movement is one of the better moments where the Toronto-native blends danceable rhythms with instrumentation that was pulled from a late-night.

A highlight, “Passion Fruit” is a very likely candidate the be one of THE songs from this collection to represent it to the world.

Just after it, Drake switches up and gets aggressive again with “Jorja Interlude.”

The switch-up sets the tone for the collection which is only interested in summoning up as many moods as possible.

Anger, celebration, joy, lust and even a bit of retribution all command center stage on More Life.  The playlist catchphrase does afford More Life the opportunity to be as disjointed as it wants to be.

After all, it someone accuses the set of being all over the place, the natural response is “it’s not an album, it’s a playlist.”

As for the features, Young Thug shows up twice, Drake’s on-again-off-again homie Kanye West, Travis Scott and Quavo all make appearances but all fail to match their host’s personality and in some cases skill.

The record’s production ranges from minimal and bombastic to complex and atmospheric. Just like the lyrical content the tones are all over the place.

Is that a bad thing? Not at all. More Life is what it is and at the moment, its exactly where Drake wants to be.

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