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Joey Bada$$ Fears Being Blacklisted

Joey Bada$$ is no stranger to speaking his mind. As one of the most influential and socially conscious rappers making music today, the verbal sharpshooter fears that his stance may provide a less-than-desirable outcome for his future.

His is doing promo for his upcoming release All Amerikkkan Bada$$, and plenty are on edge about what he will say and/or film next.

His next collection of songs came with a strong advance warning via the video for the single. “Land of the Free.”

He recently appeared on Pharrell Williams and Scott Vener’s OTHERtone podcast over the weekend.

During the interview which is featured below, Joey had an interesting exchange with Pharrell.

Pharrell: What’s your goal? Like what do you want? If this happens? You know what I mean? Like …

Joey Bada$$:  It’s more like if this doesn’t happen. That’s like you know how I’m looking at it. If certain things don’t happen, then I’m like… I’m pretty convinced that like, I might be blacklisted or something like that.

Pharrell: For?

Joey Bada$$:“Hey man it’s deep, like you know, the things that I’m saying on this album isn’t what you hear rappers saying or speaking about. You know what I mean? It’s really topics that I think need to be discussed more in music,”

To find out in general terms what these topics are, watch the interview below and ask yourself is what he has to say really that dangerous or is it that true?

Watch: Joey Bada$$, Pharrell Williams & Scott Vener Interview

Watch: Joey Bada$$ ” Land of the Free Video

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