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Review: Kendra Cunningham Dishes Out Blonde Logic

Kendra Cunningham Wins With Book Of Essays

Kendra Cunningham/Blonde Logic

 Boston comedian Kendra Cunningham has a winner on her hands with her collection of blog posts Blonde Logic.

The rising star purges her at times anxiety-riddled thoughts and feelings on family, relationship and self esteem in a journey that ends all-to-quickly.

The essays are witty but they also do what such a thing is supposed to do which is to allow the reader to gain a lot of insight into the person behind the pen.

One such post that covers her manic fever over what it’s like to fuck-up a relationship during a 48-hour period is laugh-out funny yet kind of sad in a way.

The reality is that we’ve all done it or been in such circumstances as is the case with most of these revelations.

Without spoiling the soup which is unfortunately small enough to be more appetizer than entrée, the personal favorite is a selection in which Cunningham deals with the trials and tribulations of trying to get her mother off the telephone.

Raise your hand if your mother has created a game called Telephone Hostage. In it, she is the only winner as there was never a level playing field to begin with.

Kendra Cunningham shares these memories and experiences and more through her purposeful lens which is not always peachy keen.

This companion piece to her debut comedy album of the same name is a worthy read which is available on Amazon. 

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