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Power Rangers Movie Could Ruin Childhoods

There’s a Power Rangers movie out, and I am pissed because I fear that this remake of the iconic children’s series will ruin my childhood if I watch it. As a child of the 90s, I grew up watching the Power Rangers. I was a loyal viewer since the beginning, from the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers to Power Rangers in Space.

They were my first superheroes and the center of my world for the first 10 years of my life; give or take a few years.

From my understanding, based on what I’ve seen from the trailers, five random teenagers come together to discover the power coins which give them superpowers. They also discover a spaceship underground, Zordon, and Alpha 5 the robot. They must train to become Power Rangers to fight Rita Repulsa. The difference between these rangers and the ones from over twenty years ago is that these kids are basically delinquents. The ones from back in the day were “goodie-goodies” who had moral compasses and genuinely liked helping people. They were also practicing martial artists who initially didn’t need powers to fight.

Also, as an African American, I appreciate this show providing me with a positive African American character. Zack the Black Rangerportrayed by Walter Emanuel Joneswas everything. He knew karate, listened to Hip-Hop music, danced, and ate fried chicken. The fried chicken thing is unconfirmed but everything else is accurate. Though, he looks like the type of guy who prefers blue cheese over ranch with his hot wings.

He was my first representation of African Americans in a children’s series. Even though there were a few African American kids on Barney and Sesame Street, or LeVar Burton who taught kids the importance of literacy on Reading Rainbow, it wasn’t the same. Ironically, LeVar is most famous for portraying an illiterate slave on Roots, as the original Kunte Kinte. Before All That, My Brother & Me, and Moesha, Zack was the only African American kid on television in the 90s, giving attitude. He also rocked a hairstyle that looked like it came straight out of Compton.

It seems like the creators of this new film flipped all of the personalities of the original rangers. Trini was a smart good girl in the series, now she’s a bad girl whose own family doesn’t even trust her. Kimberly isn’t the popular cheerleader anymore, she’s traded in her pom-poms to go rogue. Billy is still a nerd, and Zack is still playful. However, Jason appears to be little lost, when in the series he was a confident leader.

All of these remakes are taking our childhoods and rewriting them for a new audience. With the Power Rangers, it’s simply unnecessary since almost every year the series comes out with a new batch of rangers ready for the next generation of viewers. Additionally, this is a children’s show that didn’t just offer action and fighting; it taught morals and values. The film is just another form of entertainment equipped with big stunts and special effects. It might as well be another Avengers movie [Ed. Note.  Salute is down with the Avengers].

I wish I could work up the nerve to watch the movie, but I’m afraid. I’m scared that I will hate it so much that I will regret the money spent and time wasted going to the movie theaters. I usually try to abstain from making trips to the theaters and choose to stream for free instead. More importantly, I fear that I will like the movie which is the opposite of what I want. I am scared that I will be captivated by the plot twists, the action, and special effects.

This new version of a piece of my life will replace the treasured memories of when I believed that good people can do extraordinary things. It will wipe out my former notions that helping people is the way to live a life. Or maybe I’m just overreacting and I need to face the fact that this is just a film for entertainment. It won’t undo any of my memories, and I’m too old to believe any of those things anyway. Regardless, I will not be watching because I’m petty and that’s the only value that I like to hold on to these days.

Everyone go out and enjoy the film, let me know what you think in the comments. Also, check out the movie’s trailer below if you haven’t seen it yet.

Watch: Power Rangers Film Trailer

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