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Urban Decay collaborates with Jean-Michel Basquiat

Makeup brand Urban Decay is known for it’s flamboyant approach to color and a street edge vibe that will only make you think of the mean streets of New York. So, when the brand thought up a new collection, it was only fitting that they found inspiration in the king of Brooklyn graffiti art and neo-expressionism Jean-Michel Basquiat.

Basquiat was one of the greatest artists of the 20th century, who started painting at the age of four and had his own exhibition at the age of 20. His work can be found in galleries and museums all over the world from the Brooklyn Museum, The Broad, and even the Foundation Louis Vuitton.

Basquiat’s influence was felt throughout the world of art and music. While he was alive, he ran with the likes of Pop-art innovator Andy Warhol, Musical genius David Bowie, and even dated 80’s queen of pop Madonna.

He was an enigma and a force that was unfortunately snuffed out when he died in 1988. His influence is still being felt today, in music where artists like Mos Def, and Massive Attack note being inspired by his work. To style, where musician The Weeknd, has held an eerily similar hairstyle to the late artist for some time.

Jean Michel Basquiat and Andy Warhol collaboration, 1985

The collaboration with Urban Decay which launches April 20th, is a thoughtful homage to  Basquiat’s work with beautiful bright colors that the consumers of Urban Decay cosmetics will undoubtedly love. Complete with two eyeshadow palette’s, one blush palette, three lipsticks, three eyeliners, and three cosmetics bags, the entire collection Vault is priced at $165 USD, but each piece can be purchased individually starting at $17-$39 USD (below).

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Each piece of this collection was well thought out and features a recreation of Basquiat’s work. The palettes even have a hanger feature on the back of them if you want to hang them up as art in your home. The brand even paid attention to minute details such as using Basquiat’s signature crown as the pulls to open the pieces.

The collection features amazingly bright colors in the “Tenant” eyeshadow palette and more brick and neutral tones in the “Gold Griot” palette.

To art lovers who are enamored with Basquiat’s work as well as the art of painting one’s face, this collection is a nice steal, the entire collection bought in the vault option is only $165.

It will be sold in limited quantities, so signing up on the Urban Decay website for updates is the best way to keep in the know.

For an in-depth video on the Urban Decay x Basquiat Collection click on the video below. For updates on the collection or to shop other Urban Decay items visit

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