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Mets Ace Jeurys Familia Suspended 15 Games Under Domestic Violence Policy

Domestic violence has reared its head again in society. According to the Associated Press, New York Mets All-Star reliever Jeurys Familia agreed to a 15-game suspension.

The discipline stems from an incident which took place in October 2016 in which Familia was arrested on a simple assault charge.

The case was eventually dismissed by a judge after his wife told a prosecutor that Familia did not hurt her ( more on that later).

Major League Baseball was still able to issue a suspension under their domestic violence policy.

In a statement, MLB commish Rob Manfred stated the league’s position on the matter.

“The evidence reviewed by my office does not support a determination that Mr. Familia physically assaulted his wife, or threatened her or others with physical force or harm,” Manfred said. “Nevertheless, I have concluded that Mr. Familia’s overall conduct that night was inappropriate, violated the policy and warrants discipline.”

Familia will begin to serve the suspension on opening day. He is eligible to participate in Spring Training and other activities and should be able to return to the mound on April 20.

The incident is going to cost him $730,328.

It’s stated that Familia has undergone counseling and will get involved with activities that are meant to deter others from behaving as he allegedly did.

He also issued a statement.

“With all that has been written and discussed regarding this matter, it is important that it be known that I never physically touched, harmed or threatened my wife that evening,” Jeurys Familia said. “I did, however, act in an unacceptable manner and am terribly disappointed in myself. I am alone to blame for the problems of that evening.”

Not to dispute the findings of others, but it should be noted that when police arrived on the scene they found his wife Bianca Rivas with scratches on her chest and a bruise on her right cheek.

According to a 911 tape that was released by, after dialing for help on multiple occasions, it took some doing for the police to get Rivas to respond.

“My husband had a little bit of alcohol, and he’s going crazy,” Rivas said in the 911 recording.

It is what it is, in the meantime thankfully all parties agree that whatever it was that happened was not acceptable and that incidents like these only serve as proof that no matter how volatile a situation gets, there are still lines that should never be crossed.

Listen: Jeurys Familia 911 Call


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