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Nike Rocks Early Release For Royal Air Jordan 1’s

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Shoe titan Nike is once again using their Early Access program to generate excitement for an upcoming sneaker release.

On Saturday April 1, the Royal Air Jordan 1’s drop and fans that favor the rich “royal” blue are already salivating about the release.

Priced at $160, those that want to qualify to get the shoes can try to do so here.

What is the Early Access program? The program is a hit or miss affair that may or may not work.

According to Nike, its a situation that helps customers hook up with their favorite products prior to release day fever. They explained the details behind how they determine who does and does not get a code.

We select our audience based on who we think will have an interest in the product or experience. The more active you are with Nike+, the more personalized your Reserved For You invitations get—and the more likely you’ll love the product or experience within each invitation.

The company is randomly allowing access to the purchase using access codes which unlock the ability to make a purchase.

The only potential work around for those that are not blessed with the code upon log-in to is to log out and log back in which has reportedly worked for some.

As the days count down, the Early Access program could be  savior for those that don’t want to fight it out at the mall.

Watch: Champ Sports Royal Air Jordan 1’s Video

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