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Watch: Thrones Star in New Game of Thrones Promo

HBO’s Game of Thrones, despite the name, has usually focused on one throne in particular: The Iron Throne. But while that remains the end goal for many characters, three separate seats are featured in the new promo trailer.

The simple trailer shows Jon Snow, Cersei Lannister, and Daenerys Targaryen each calmly entering a door and taking seat at the head of the room. A slow zoom into their faces ends with Cersei exhaling a plume of cold air, signaling the true beginning of capital-w Winter, which has been ominously on its way for years now. Then, as in the previous teaser, the image pulls out to reveal the eye of a White Walker.

So where are these dramatic sit-downs taking place? Cersei, of course, is on the Iron Throne in the Red Keep of King’s Landing. Jon looks to be in the Great Hall of Winterfell, where he was crowned King in the North last season. But Dany’s is the most exciting of all: she’s probably in Dragonstone, the ancestral seat of House Targaryen in Westeros.

You read that right: Dany’s in Westeros. Game of Thrones has made us wait so long that I didn’t even want to trust the promise of last season’s ending. But it looks as though all the players are finally on the same chessboard this time around.

This is the kind of early trailer I can really get behind: not too much info, but some footage to gnaw on for a month or two. It’s getting cold in Westeros, so bundle up and hunker down, because season seven of Game of Thrones doesn’t premiere until July 16th.


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