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R&B Newcomer Austin Redmon Releases First Single and Video

R&B singer Austin Redmon recently released his first single “Just Like I Want You”, along with a hot music video. The 28-year-old Jersey City native is a new artist who is starting his career the right way.

“Just Like I Want You” is a catchy song, something sexy and fun. It’s the perfect song to listen to when getting your sexy on for a date or cruising down the road on the way to the restaurant. It’s a song that makes you want to check yourself in the rear-view mirror just to make sure that you’re on point for who you’re about to see. As for the video, it seems like something that we would expect from Usher or Mario; in a good way. Austin gives some smooth moves as he interacts with three beautiful female dancers. The video gives the impression that Austin is the man and he’s about to take you somewhere you want to go.

Austin is not only a great performer, he comes with an impressive resume. Before pursuing music as a full-time career, he studied at the Institute of Audio Research in New York City. He went on to work at record labels like Universal Music Group, RCA, and Warner Bros Records. He was discovered on Instagram singing cover songs, one of which received a nod from R&B singer Jazmine Sullivan. His videos also garnered the attention of various producers and songwriters, some of which Austin allowed to help create his first project.

Some people might call Austin a perfectionist, while others would just call him passionate. Ask anyone who knows him personally and they’ll say that he takes his music very serious. Those same people will testify about how much fun they have when they’re working with Austin. Even when he’s working he makes sure to enjoy the moment and laugh when the opportunity arises. But don’t get it twisted, he is an artist and he’s serious about his ish.

One of the things that make Austin special is the fact that he funds all of his music and materials out of his own pockets. The mixing and mastering of his tracks and the quality of his video, all paid-in-full by Austin Redmon. He even makes sure that the dancers on his set have food to eat. What did your boss get you; some coffee, a donut or a bagel with a little plain cream cheese?

Austin plans on releasing his EP The Austin Chronicles before he drops the full album, of the same name, later this year. He also has a docu-series on YouTube that showcases that life of an independent artist, using himself as the case study.

“Just Like I Want You” is available on iTunes and Spotify. Make sure to check out Austin’s music video below.


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