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NIGO & Jun Toast 24 Years Of BAPE & NOWHERE

24 years ago BAPE founder NIGO and Jun Takahashi of UNDERCOVER got into the retail streetwear fashion game when they opened the doors to the infamous store NOWHERE.

Their original location was located in the Japanese district of Urahara. Urahara went on to become the epicenter of a scene that was influenced by burgeoning American brands such as the iconic Supreme and Stussy.

Taking inspiration for their name from the Beatles classic “Nowhere Man,” the soon-to-be power duo opened the shop on a meager budget.

Initially the pair laid their foundation by selling Western brands that were complemented by the initial runs of their own designs.

Both BAPE and UNDERCOVER gained their initial traction by moving units out of NOWHERE.

April 2017 marks the 24th anniversary of the date that NIGO and Takahashi decided to collaborate.

To mark the occasion, a special run of T-shirts were released today at BAPE’s flagship stores and online.

At the center of the various looks is the exaggerated Ape head that made the brand infamous and the number 24 which symbolizes the occasion.

Customers who purchase will also receive a NOWHERE 24th anniversary special sticker.

The history of the Ape face in itself is an interesting story.

In the early days, NOWHERE was getting a lot of attention thanks to UNDERCOVER’S popularity. Seeing that the store was cut in half, NIGO felt that to survive his half of the store needed its own brand to represent the vision that he was curating.

After being captivated by a Planet of the Apes marathon on TV, he reached out to graphic designer Sk8thing.

Decades later, BAPE has its own stores and has influenced skaters and rappers such as Lil Wayne and creatives like co-conspirator Pharrell Williams.

Though the original shop and its 2009 follow-up have both closed and NIGO has moved on from BAPE history has a way of romanticizing things.

NIGO is not ready to stay focused on the good old days as he and Sk8thing are popping off with their Human Made brand.

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