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Rob Gronkowski Finds Fame in WWE

Rob Gronkowski Takes Part In WrestleMania 33

Rob Gronkowski may be known for many things. An unstoppable tight end of the New England Patriots., Super Bowl Champion, party animal and injury prone are a few to name. But it looks like a career in WWE might be in his footsteps.

Sunday the big guy got involved in the Battle Royal at WrestleMania.

Gronk seemed like a natural in the ring with his supreme size and high energy. In addition, with his fun-loving attitude many WWE lovers would gravitate to him.

According to Yardbarker, he was just enjoying the event as a fan until wrestler, Jinder Mahal threw a Coke into Gronk’s face. This then forced him to retaliate and take the ring.

He would get into one his football stances and charge at Mahal like a mad man.

Gronkowski’s efforts propelled Mojo Rawley to victory in the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal.

Now this may all just be fun and games but should Gronk get a pass for this.

Coming off a season ending back-injury, many think he should be getting ready for the next season.

In fact, due to Gronk’s injury history, he may be on the Patriot’s trading block.

ESPN states his injury history that has plagued him since his second year in the league. From high ankle springs to broken forearms, Gronkowski needs to take it down a notch.

If any other player was to be attempting the same foolery Gronk exhibits, many would feel the NFL should get involved.

Even though the Patriots are ok with his actions, does that mean he is right?

Watch: Rob Gronkowski Get In The Ring

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