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Armani Chooses to show Women’s Line in London vs Milan

MILAN (Reuters) – Giorgio Armani said on Wednesday he would showcase the spring summer 2018 collection of his Emporio Armani women’s line in London this September rather than in Milan, on the day the renovated Bond Street Emporio Armani store opens.

Both Giorgio Armani and Emporio Armani spring summer collections usually go on show in Milan in June for men and in September for women.

“London — dynamic, energetic and cosmopolitan — represents global culture, so it’s the perfect setting for my Emporio Armani collection,”   the 82-year-old Italian fashion designer said in a statement. After my  One Night Only event in 2006, I’m thrilled to be returning to London to unveil the new concept at the Bond Street store, bearing witness to the brand’s strong bond with the British people.”

The show will be held on Sept. 17, during London fashion week.

He took a similar decision for the September show last year, which was moved to Paris to coincide with the restyling of his store in the French capital.

In February, the group announced a reorganization of its portfolio, bringing the Armani Collezioni and Armani Jeans lines under its Emporio Armani brand.

The designer also stated in February that the brand is revisiting its retail approach.

“We are rethinking our stores. I don’t believe in a strict separation of categories, jackets all in one place, skirts all in another, pants in yet another.”

He said the goal was  to “serve a different public, showing different lines within one single space. Customers want to enjoy the shopping experience. Their request is to be entertained. We should keep in mind the meaning of the name Emporio,” the designer said. “It should be an emporium.”

This brand has chosen to stay at the forefront by consistently revamping everything. Changes such as these are not new and with this umbrella should always be expected.

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