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Migos Catch a Body with Sean Paul in Miami

Atlanta rap trio The Migos are everywhere…and they are winning. Whether they are playing with critical darlings such as The Roots or acting with the acclaimed Donald Glover, they are holding their own alongside the best.

Another genre-busting collaboration is the audio that they have assembled with dancehall legend Sean Paul.

Paul is one of the very few to take that sound and emerge from its source in Jamaica and breakthrough in America.

15 years ago it was impossible to go to the corner for milk and not hear his voice coming out of a speaker somewhere.

On Tuesday, Instagram and Twitter began to light up with behind-the-scenes footage of Paul’s latest video shoot down in Miami.


The track is called “Body” and it features all three Migos members.

Paul has openly criticized others for exploiting the lane that he helped create and perhaps “Body” will help bring him back to the top of the mountain.

There’s no release dates or titles floating around just yet but with money being spent on videos and summer around the corner, expect to see this project on the street soon.

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