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Knicks Coach: Carmelo Anthony to Decide Fate

Carmelo Anthony should walk away from the New York Knicks and he should do it as soon as possible.

The league year is not done with the playoffs looming, but there is nothing stopping him from purging himself of the dysfunctional joke that current plays in Madison Square Garden.

He simply has to say ‘trade me at the very first second that you can.’

Team President Phil Jackson not only ran Carmelo’s legacy into the ground, he also did the same amount of damage to his own.

That is a topic for another day.

What looms now is one final critical decision that must be made. Carmelo could put on the old Clash record and sing to himself ‘should I stay or should I go?’ And then he should get the hell on.

There is no pride to be found by consistently invoking a no-trade clause that will only prevent everyone from finding solace.

If Anthony wants to screw Jackson, the best thing that he can do is hook up with an Eastern Conference powerhouse and make it his personal business to rub Phil’s nose in it as he coasts to the NBA Finals.

Besides Jackson, even Knicks coach Jeff Hornacek has been engaging in slick talk. Hornacek told the media after practice on Tuesday that Carmelo’s decision to return is his own.

“I think it’s all his choice still, isn’t it, with his contract?” Hornacek said following Tuesday’s final 2017  practice. “I think every year until guys are gone, coaches, we all assume we have the same team. That’s how you prepare. When something changes you deal with it.”

Carmelo’s upcoming exit meeting with team executive has the tension of the best reality show because he stated that “the chips will be on the table.”

“I’m sure a lot of things will be discussed,” Hornacek said. “That’s something I can’t predict what’s going to happen in that meeting, or what we talk about. Obviously we’ll talk about the season, going forward, what’s going to happen. It’ll be about that.”

What it should be about is how the Knicks fumbled their way into a lottery pick with a 30-51 season. That’s also another story for another day.

Hornacek stated that he has a role in mind for Anthony, should he choose to stick around for more of the same fuckery that haunted him this year.

“It could be beneficial,” Hornacek said. “If a veteran guy with young players, the leadership, the knowledge of the game, they’re going to help in that respect — it could be a positive. It’s a negative if your young guys rely on the veteran to do everything and they don’t move forward. That’s the bad part of it.

“However it shakes out, if Carmelo is back in that veteran leadership role he’s really got to take to it and help the young guys. We will have a lot of young guys who will be out there.”

This is where the coach began to throw shade. When asked if Carmelo performed well in that role this season he stated that he was “good at times” and he “helped our young guys some.”

Carmelo Anthony is one of the greatest players in NBA history to never win a championship. He’s also an Olympic gold medalist with an elite basketball I.Q.

To say that and make side-eye comments about his physical availability is petty.

“I think he played more games than I probably anticipated, knowing that he was getting older, with his knee,” he said. “He did a lot of good things. Obviously he can score the ball. He can put it in the hole. He’s a guy along with Derrick [Rose] that late games, veteran guys, that you can go to. They came through sometimes. I thought it’s kind of what we expected.

It’s sad to see Carmelo Anthony’s value being reduced to being appreciated “sometimes.”  And it’s exactly why he should not waste any more of his time as a Knick.

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