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View: MLB Debuts 2017 Special Event Uniforms

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Major League Baseball has released the images for each of its holiday and special events uniforms.

Featuring socks designed by their footwear partner Stance, these uniforms are tasteful yet as bright as each occasion that they celebrate.

MLB’s Noah Garden stated that they are focused on staying in sync with the players that take the field.

“We’ve gotten more progressive over the last couple of years, and that’s in large part due to all the young stars in the game coming up,” said Garden, MLB executive vice president, business. “The All-Star Game had 20 kids under the age of 25 last year, and with these players making such a big impact on the game, they are very fashion-forward. It offered us the ability to have fun with it, be a little more fashion-forward, and they seem to enjoy it.”

The details are impressive with the latest designs. Majestic  is working with MLB to add a star on player sleeves for each All-Star appearance.  There will also be a number featured that will represent the total number of selections.

Rawlings is being brought in to put together color-coded stitching on the game balls for each event.

Working with a number of corporate sponsors including MasterCard, Sirius XM, Gatorade and T-Mobile, MLB is focused on furthering their presentation with each and every passing year.

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