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Comedian Charlie Murphy Dead at 57

Charlie Murphy, actor, comedian, and brother of comedian Eddie Murphy, has died at the age of 57

Charlie is best known for his segment Charlie Murphy’s True Hollywood Stories on the Comedy Central show “Chappelle’s Show” where he recounted stories from the 1980’s when he ventured through Hollywood with his famous little brother Eddie Murphy. His stories of playing basketball with Prince, and getting smacked around by Rick James, are some of the most hilarious and iconic segments from the renowned cult show.

According to ABC News, Murphy has died after suffering complications due to Leukemia. This is somber to hear, especially since Murphy lost his wife Tisha Taylor Murphy to cervical cancer in 2009.

Charlie, who may have started out as a bodyguard for his brother made a name for himself as a comedian as well. He starred alongside his brother in the film Harlem Nights but also a plethora of other films such as CB4, Jungle Fever, Night at the Museum, Meet the Blacks, and most recently the television show Power on Starz.

It was unknown to many that Murphy was sick, he recently went out on tour with George Lopez, D.L. Hughley, Eddie Griffin, and Cedric the Entertainer in 2016 for the Comedy Get Down Tour.” As the news broke Wednesday, celebrities like Chris Rock, Russell Simmons, and Ice Cube took to Twitter to share their thoughts and love for the legend.


We are all saddened by the passing of this great comedian, but as we read his last Tweet, it is evident he fought a long hard battle with his illness, and it was his time to rest.

“One to Sleep On: Release the past to rest as deeply as possible.” – Charlie Murphy

We will leave you with the sketch that made reignited his Career from Chappelle’s Show via YouTube!


  1. Lisa Moyer

    April 12, 2017 at 5:31 pm

    So sad… Thanks for the laughter C.M.

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