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Watch: Detroit Trailer is a Intense View of Deadly Riots

The buzz around the upcoming socio-political drama Detroit will only intensify with the release of its trailer.

Starring John Boyega, the film focuses on the Detroit riots that threatened to trash the city during the summer of 1967.

During those five days, racial tensions were at an all-time high. The film is said to focus on the energy that led up to the end result as much as it showcases the action.

Local police officers set it off when they raided an unlicensed bar that was hosting a party for the return of Vietnam War veterans.

Everyone that was in attendance was arrested in an incident that touched off a response that still ranks among the bloodiest the United States has ever seen.

43 people were killed and nearly 1200 suffered injuries during the outbreak.

This film has a lot on its hands as it sets out to not only get the facts right but to provide a compassionate 360-degree view from all sides of the coin.

Other cast members includes singer Miguel, John Krasinski, Ben O’Toole, Jason Mitchel and Hannah Murray.

Due August 4, Detroit is directed/produced by Kathryn Bigelow (The Hurt Locker). The drama’s screenplay was written by Mark Boal.

Watch: Detroit Trailer

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