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Watch: Lil Dicky Drops Film Short for Pillow Talking

Lil Dicky dropped the 49th most expensive video of all-time with the epic “Pillow Talking.”

The rapper who imports comedy and at commentary into his insightful rhymes, takes viewers on an engaging trip with his latest set of visuals that must be deemed a short film.

Without spoiling the soup, the 11-minute flick starts off in typical rap style with an overtly sexual one night stand.

What happens after the passion is consummated is of genius caliber. The way things are paced is what makes “Pillow Talking” so engaging.

Instead of diving directly for the jugular of ‘look at how slick, expensive and dope this is,’ all of the creatives involved chose to use their tools to engage in quality storytelling.

Lil Dicky is an acquired taste for some, but it cannot be argued that the dude is putting his heart into his work.

Shout-outs are also in order for his acting skills.

Off the album, Professional Rapper, “Pillow Talking” is about to be the topic of conversation for a hot minute.

Watch: Lil Dicky “Pillow Talking”

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