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Review: Kendrick Lamar is Perfect on Damn

Kendrick Lamar/ Damn/ Interscope, Aftermath, TDE

Hip-hop is too consumed with handing out titles and crowns. So let’s skip the talk of whether or not Damn proves that Kendrick Lamar is the hottest rapper out.

Instead let’s focus n the purity that pours out of each slice of sonic art that has been presented to the landscape.

Damn is a statement album that consistently reevaluates Lamar’s jig-saw approach to putting together a complete tapestry.

Throughout, classic sounds, vibes and phrases play hop-scotch with Lamar’s individual way of doing things and the styles of the day.

The work ensures that one song can feel three and that 14 songs feel like one continuous piece of music.

The guest stars are limited and they play their support roles well. U2, Zacari and Rihanna never make a move to outshine their host yet their contributions are both vital and creative.

Damn creates moments that give its listeners reasons to pause and think about the application of the sounds and words that just flew by them.

Never has Lamar been so heavy, so political and yet so care-free at the same time.

In a sense, it can be said that this album is where a seasoned veteran found an away to put it all together to raise up and into something bigger than hip-hop.

Damn is not the first time that Kendrick Lamar has released a classic album, hit song or worked well with anther artist.

But it is the first time that he has found a way to master all of his passions, all of his thoughts and all of his demons at the same damn time.

There is not one individual song, verse or beat to highlight.  Damn is that rare occasion where only one word is suitable: perfect.

Rating: 10 out of 10

Stream: Kendrick Lamar Damn

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