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Nas Approved Artist Quan Drops Single off Upcoming Album

Don Ferquan aka Quan is back, and he’s hauling some good music with him. Quan just released his new single “Tainted”, the first single off his next project.

The single is up-tempo with a soulful Hip-Hop vibe. Quan talks about the hustler’s life but highlights the negatives instead of glorifying the lifestyle. He’s definitely no stranger to the streets and the hustler’s lifestyle.

Quan has a habit of giving a piece of himself in all of his music. Every new song presents an opportunity to get to experience another part of his life; which is very exciting. It’s also different because through his music Quan is taking his audience on a journey through his life. Similar to the way that Adele‘s music chronicles her experiences.

The talent of this man is beyond what most Hip-Hop artists bring to the table. Quan’s is a great vocalist, as well as an excellent lyricist. It’s unique how he’s able to both sing and rap on the same track, however, there’s a clear distinction between the two. Artists like Drake, who like to sing and rap sometimes suffer from the two running together and sounding the same. Quan doesn’t fall into this trap, he’s a Hip-Hop artist who knows how to mix his talents without blending them together. His style is more sophisticated than most artists.

Quan stepped on the music scene in 2005 as a feature artist on Nas‘ hit single “Just A Moment” and “Suicide Bounce”; both were off of his Street’s Discipline album. At the time Nas referred to Don as “rap’s future”, right before he started saying that Hip-Hop was dead. Quan was formerly signed to  Nas’ old label Ill Will Records. Nas later relaunched the label with a different name.

Lately, Quan has been busy finishing his sophomore album, Point of No Return, and working on his memoir The Thirst, which covers facing life imprisonment at the age of 16-years-old, parenthood, and the death of his son. He also talks about his relationship with Nas and 50 Cent. We’ll definitely be keeping a look out for that book.

Last year Quan released “Warrior’z Way “, a single that was placed on the soundtrack for the mixed martial arts documentary film The Hurt BusinessNot too long ago he released a mixtape titled WWW.DONFERQUAN.COMwhich contained features from  Pusha TAce HoodEmilio Rojas, and Big Pooh.

Quan’s latest single “Tainted” is currently available on iTunes and Spotify.

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