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Linkin Park Stormzy and Pusha T Unveil Lyric Video

After teasing the collaboration with Stormzy and Pusha T earlier this week, Linkin Park has released both the single and lyric video for the match-up.

The track “Good Goodbye” does not break a lot of new ground but it’s a quality song that makes the most of its participants.

The anticipated musical blending of American hard rock, hip hop and U.K. Grime did not happen yet the song perfectly suits all parties involved.

The moment is definitely one that is definitively Linkin Park in an environment that could have gone in multiple directions.

Extremely catchy, “Good Goodbye” is the second record to drop from LP’s upcoming LP One More Light due on May 19.

Those interested can pre-order the Warner Brothers release album at

In the meantime, this lyric video is among the best to ever hit the marketplace.

Better than many current videos, the lyric video does it job in an artistic fashion with sophisticated animation.

Far from, lazy these are visuals that drive the point home and set up and potential second act with the official video.

Watch: Linkin Park, Stormzy and Pusha T “Good Goodbye” Lyric Video


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