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Are NBA Referees Getting Worse?

NBA Referees Not Calling Things Fair

Monday night the Memphis Grizzlies coach, David Fizdale, went off about the officiating of the Grizzlies’ playoff loss. They would lose game two to the San Antonio Spurs and he felt as if the referees were not showing proper fairness.

Now, it may seem like complaining to some people but he was speaking the truth. It is believed that refs favor calls to certain teams and players. The NBA swears that they are trying to improve refereeing with many methods.

The new four step plan that the NBA implemented to help seems too late.

  1. An “Officiating Advisory Council” will be created, which will include a mix of former players, coaches, referees and others that will “help determine the future of officiating.” The council will be made up of Doug Collins (ex-player and coach), Gen. Martin E. Dempsey (chairman of USA Basketball), Steve Javie (ex-ref), Kenny Smith (ex-player) and Arne Duncan (ex-U.S. Secretary of Education).
  2. The NBA will add to its number of officials, increasing the total from 63 to 78-79 (a 25 percent increase) in three years, with the goal of having 69 (a 10 percent increase) by next year. The NBA will also be looking at possibly adding international referees as part of this initiative.
  3. Increased training for referees, including the use of virtual reality.
  4. A new referee scheduling system that will cut down on back-to-backs and allow crews to work consecutive games together.

But according to team rankings, only three big men are in the top 15 in free throws attempted. Also, the fact that all except one were All-Stars does not seem to help the refs.

Now, coach Fizdale received a hefty fine of $30,000. But Memphis portray a family atmosphere in their locker room. They showed how they take care of their own by paying the fine

According to Twitter Mike Conley texted the conformation to their coach.

Now that the referees are on notice, hopes are that they straighten up. Not for just a game but for the rest of the playoffs.

Watch: Fizdale Go Off Regarding NBA Referees

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