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Atlanta Rapper Slim Stunta Debuts Music Video

Atlanta rapper, Slim Stunta has recently released the music video for his debut single “I Can Take Your Girl”.

Slim Stunta has a very distinctive style and promotes his “Stunt Lifestyle” movement. Known for always being surrounded by money and gold, Slim never leaves the house without his signature gold Maserati.

The title and lyrics to “I Can Take Your Girl” aren’t just words, this man will really take your girl if he wants to. He proves this as a fact in his “Gold Digger” prank series on YouTube. Slim rides around in his gold Maserati approaching women who clearly have a man.

Sometimes he gets the girl’s number, other times he invites the young lady to take a ride with him. The moral of the story is that Slim Stunta gets what he wants, while the boyfriends just get pissed. Most of the videos have gotten over a million views, which shows that his popularity goes beyond his allure to women.

Earlier this year, Slim Stunta appeared on the television series, “Rich Kids of Instagram“. The series showcases the lives of wealthy young people who display their over-the-top lives on social media. Take a look at Slim Stunta’s IG and you’ll find gold, money, cars, boats, and women.

All of it is a part of his “Stunt Lifestyle” movement. His Instagram page looks like a fantasy world, but it’s his real life. “Rich Kids of Instagram” is syndicated internationally on platforms like MTV, TLC, and BBC; it airs on four different continents.

Learn more about Slim Stunta and his “Stunt Lifestyle” movement by visiting his or following him on  Twitter (@wathcmenstunt) and on Instagram (@thestuntlifestlye). His single “I Can Take Your Girl” is available on iTunes, Spotify, and Tidal.

Watch: Slim Stunta  “I Can Take Your Girl”

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