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Mike WiLL Made-It is the lastest to Accuse Nordstrom of Racism

Super producer Mike WiLL Made-It has accused mega-retailer Nordstrom of overt racism.

On Monday, the hitmaker that has worked with Kendrick Lamar and Miley Cyrus among others took to Twitter to air out his feelings.

The retailer quickly took action and requested specific details regarding what happened.

Salute reached out to their corporate office for a comment with no luck.

This is not the first time that the sales giant has been accused of being non-inclusive.

In 1992, the Seattle Times reported that a group of former employees filed a class-action lawsuit against the company.

Several former Nordstrom employees have filed a class-action lawsuit charging the retailer with racial discrimination against African Americans in recruitment, promotion and training.

The suit was filed by former black employees who worked at the national retailer’s outlets in a number of states, including California, Virginia and Washington.

At that time, the company provided a statement to defend themselves against the complaint.

“Nordstrom regrets that certain individuals are seeking to tarnish Nordstrom’s reputation for the sake of their personal vendettas,” company spokeswoman Kellie Tormey said.

The statement also said that at that time 30 percent of Nordstrom’s “total workforce [was] minority employees.”

Numerous videos and exist online of upset minority customers that claim that the store has profiled them on various occasions.

The incidents range from the early 90’s into the present day.

While there are two sides to every story and each situation has its own set of circumstances, how Nordstrom chooses to repair its image in the eyes of many is worth paying attention to.

UPDATE: Nordstrom responded to Salute via Twitter.

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