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Chris Paul Pushes Clippers To Game 7

Clippers Tie Up Series Against Jazz

Thanks to Chris Paul Looks like there will be a game seven in the first round.

Earlier in the week, the Boston Celtics, Toronto Raptors, San Antonio Spurs and Washington Wizards all advanced to the next round with wins in game six.

Friday night the Utah Jazz fell to the Los Angeles Clippers. The Jazz would come up short not only to closing the Clippers out but also winning at home.

Los Angeles accomplished the task with the heroics of guard Chris Paul. Playing like a pit bull, Paul ended the game leading the team in points, assist and steals. According to ESPN, He notched 29 points, eight dimes, and two steals.

Deandre Jordan also got in the mix with a double-double on 13 points. He added a monstrous 18 rebounds. Jordan basically grabbed every rebound for his team. His display didn’t even seem as the Jazz’s Rudy Gobert was even on the floor.

Gobert only got 15 points and nine rebounds on the night.

Their showcase was more than necessary as they had to play without star Blake Griffin, who injured himself earlier in the series.

Clippers coach Doc Rivers expressed Paul’s efforts best after the game.

“He is as competitive of a human being that I’ve ever been around” Rivers said.

Now the Clippers almost choked the game away with a boneheaded turnover by Paul. His over aggression almost lead to the team getting an early out.

But they would get a nod from the basketball gods. They would hold off for a 98-93 victory.

The Los Angeles Times reported thoughts from the Clippers after the win.

“That was a huge testament to just our resiliency,” said Austin Rivers, who played 34 minutes. “That’s a big win for us. It’s not over yet, but we took step one of what we wanted to do. We’ve got one more step. We’ve got to show up Sunday and be ready to play.”

Watch: Los Angeles Clippers Force Game 7

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