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Michael Jordan Puts His Print On The Hornets

Charlotte Hornets Won’t Wear Nike

New seasons bring on new life.  In the 2017-18 season the Charlotte Hornets will choose to differentiate themselves. The rest of the NBA will switch to Nike brand uniforms. On the other hand, Charlotte will go to the Jordan brand.

Of course, this change falls in line with their owner Michael Jordan. He will be able to display his brand and own the team.

It may be so influential that other teams grasp the concept.

The Hornets also are changing their box office and fan shop areas according to the Charlotte Observer. The plans for their new changes have been in motion since 2015. But now are finalized.

Now, Jordan’s brought in over $100 million in 2015. This includes shoe sales and others.

Amazingly the amount of money he racked up in one year was more than he ever made while playing in the NBA.

Now Jordan has made other changes to change Charlotte’s team since his arrival.

He changed the team name from the Bobcats back in 2014. Thus, giving them all the original Hornets history since leaving for New Orleans.

He also has shown how he stand on issues as he did on the HB2 law. The law was the prime reason the All-Star game was moved to New Orleans this season.

But yet has he increased the team’s chances on winning a title. Charlotte missed the playoffs this year with a horrific 36-46 record.

His championship DNA has not rubbed on his franchise yet. Hopefully one day Charlotte can show they can be a force in the NBA.

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