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Tamar Braxton Premieres New Single on Braxton Family Values

Tamar Braxton revealed her new single “My Man” on a recent episode of We TV’s reality show Braxton Family Values. Immediately after the episode aired the single was released. The inspiration for the song was from her parent’s relationship.

The song was written from the point of view of her mother Evelyn Braxton. If you’re not a fan of the Braxton girls then you probably don’t know that Evelyn’s ex-husband, Michael Braxton Sr., cheated on her for nine years of their marriage.

After the two split, he went on to marry his mistress, who is only referred to as Miss Wanda. The sisters have never been shy about expressing how much their father hurt them when they found out that he was unfaithful to their mother.

All of this has been revealed on the popular reality show and displayed in Toni Braxton‘s LifeTime biopic Toni Braxton: Unbreak My Heart. The 2016 tv made-for-television film showed a scene of the aftermath of Evelyn catching Michael Sr.with another woman. Let’s just say she went halfway “Waiting to Exhale” on him, but didn’t go as far as setting a car on fire with his clothes in it. Only Angela Bassett can pull that off.

During the episode of BFV, Evelyn disclosed some information to her daughters that she had never told anyone. To date, the world including the Braxton girls only knew of on woman who Michael Sr. cheated with, who is now his wife. According to Evelyn, Michael Sr. had a “shmorgishborg” of women. Bet y’all never actually seen that word before. She also revealed that her and Michael Sr. went to counseling where he revealed that he loved Evelyn, but was in love with his mistress. Their counselor advised Evelyn that there was nothing that could be done and she needed to leave him.

The sisters are shocked but have always been protective over their mother. They’ve even gone so far to distance themselves from their father’s new wife. Even attempting to exclude her from family functions to make their mother more comfortable. However, the trailer from this season revealed that they will all come face to face with Michael Sr.’s current wife soon. In the words of Real Housewives of Atlanta‘s Phaedra Parks, “Fix it Jesus”.

“My Man” is the first single off Tamar’s upcoming album and available iTunes. The title of her fourth studio album has yet to be released. Technically, this will be her third album since she refuses to acknowledge her first album Tamar from 2000 and her third album was a holiday/Christmas album.

Check out the YouTube audio video of”My Man” below.


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